By Gloria Dianne

There's been no grander moment,
For me in this ol' world,
Than when they placed into my arms,
My new born baby girl.

You were so small and vulnerable,
A delicate little prize.
Yet, strong will and determination,
          Reflected through your eyes.

You've faced many obstacles,
During your younger years,
And you bravely conquered everyone,
despite your pain and fears.

As a young woman stood before me,
Dressed in college cap and gown,
I remembered your first day of school.
My, Where has that time gone?

Now, my little girl of yesterday,
Will be getting married today.
I pray that all your tomorrows
Will bring much happiness your way.

Today is such a joyous day,
Unlike any other.
God bless you and your brand new life.
Lovingly, Your Mother