By:Gloria Dianne

As a little lass of two,
I could be quite persistent.
I wanted a baby 'sisser'!
In fact I was quite insistent!

I thought a baby 'sisser'
Would keep me company.
I thought of all the fun we'd have,
And I wouldn't be so lonely.

After many months of nagging,
As usual, I finely got my way!
And the stork delivered my baby 'sisser'
On June's twenty first day!

She was a dimpled little angel,
With luscious golden curles.
But Mommy said she was too little,
To play with bigger girls.

So, I waited for her to get bigger,
But then, I got bigger too!
And I thought that she'd always be,
Too little to do the things I do!

No one told me this would change,
With every year that passed,
So I took my disappointment
Out on the sweet young lass!

Experts call it sibling rivalry,
But every single day and night,
I was just plain mean to her,
By always picking a fight!

Thank the Lord I grew out of that,
And have closed the gap between us.
With each and every passing day,
Our friendship becomes more precious.

Oh to only turn back the hands of time,
If only for a brief moment or two.
I'd take back every hurtful word,
And tell my baby 'sisser',