By: Gloria Dianne

My love for you is filled with pride,
as I watch you grow each day.
Grow up you must, dear son of mine,
but please don't grow away.

There are times you feel depressed,
life's not all you thought it'd be.
And it doesn't seem worth living,
but this will pass, you see...

You could call this growing pains,
these are your roughest years.
You're facing new responsibilities,
It's only normal to have fears.

If you should make mistakes,
and you will, along the way,
Don't be discouraged sweetheart,
You're only human, it's O.K.!

It's from our mistakes
that we learn how to live,
We learn how to trust,
and we learn to forgive.

At times you will stumble,
And times you might fall.
Setbacks are just a part of life!
Pick yourself up and stand tall!

Life is full of disappointments,
it's only normal to feel sad.
But, we all must learn to take
the good along with the bad.

These trials and tribulations
only help us grow much stronger.
You feel angry and discouraged,
but it shouldn't last much longer.

There will come a time when you'll
look back on how you feel today.
There'll be regrets, but don't feel guilty
for what you did or didn't say.

A mother's love is forgiving,
steadfast, true and kind.
I'll harbor no resentment,
a mother's love is blind.

Where ever life may take you,
No matter what you do,
Always, please remember,
I will always be here for you.

The love that I feel for you
is stronger than any other,
God be with you, dear son of mine,
Eternally, Your Mother