By: Gloria Dianne

The world may look upon him
As being just a man,
Who'll never do anything,
But just the best he can.

To look at him through my eyes,
You'd see someone truly great.
Someone to admire,
To trust and emulate.

He's someone to reach out to,
Whenever there's a need.
Someone who gives so much more
Than he will ever receive.

He's someone who can make you feel
Happy when you are blue.
Someone who can make you feel
Like you are someone too!

He's someone with reassuring words
Whenever there's a doubt.
Whenever you're in trouble
He'll be there to help you out!

He's someone who can put
All your faults aside.
And always looks upon you
With eyes so full of pride.

He's someone who will cheer you
Whenever things go bad.
A truly special someone.
Who's my best friend,
He's my Dad!