I Believe In Angels

By Gloria Dianne

Mortals imagine angels,
As celestial beings.
Soaring above the heavens,
With shimmering wings.

From the moment of our birth,
Until our life is through.
Angels guard and protect us,
In everything we do.

That mysterious voice,
That only we can hear.
Is an angel's whisper,
Warning danger's near.

During our darkest hours,
In the depths of despair.
They comfort and console us,
And keep us in their care.

An Unexplainable fragrance,
That suddenly fill the air,
With a sense of peace,
Could mean an angel's near.

You may feel a gentle breeze,
When an angel passes by.
Fears are suddenly calmed,
By an angel's lullaby.

An unexplainable happening,
Far beyond our imagination.
Can only be believed to be,
An Angel's intervention.

The stranger that appears,
At the right time and place.
Could possibly be an angel,
Behind a mortal's face.

Could we be instruments,
In His master plan?
That in His mysterious way,
Also calls upon man?

I believe that angels.
In heaven and on earth.
Are His magnificent creations,
To aide Him in His work.