At times you may find him
In his room all alone,
Reflecting on the past
Now that his children are grown.

His heart's heavy with sadness
As he stairs at the floor.
He wonders if some how
He could have done more.

If he'd just let his mind
Drift back to yesterday,
He would see that there was
No possible way,

That he could have done
Any more than he did,
For his wife and his family,
Especially, his kids!

He's a dad for all seasons,
A precious gift above.
And I am ever so grateful,
For his unselfish love.

Dad, don't look on the past
With such deep regret.
You've simply forgotten.
Things I'll never forget.

I remember hot summers,
And in lieu of a pool,
You hooked up the sprinkler
To help us stay cool.

When the leaves of fall
Fell to the ground,
You'd rake them in piles
For our leaps jumps and bounds!

When a deep winter's snow
Covered the ice,
You plowed a large space,
And made it real nice.

When the birds of spring
Returned to nest,
You built them all houses
For them to rest.

Why, you even built
Our own home sweet home,
Out of the bricks and blocks
You made on your own.

We ate from the garden
You toiled and tilled.
You took us to the ocean,
We all were so thrilled!

I remember as children
We would all sing
A cute little diddy,
"Daddy can do just anything!"

Dad, When you look at the past,
Don't feel so forlorn.
Our memories of you are
Nothing but loving and warm.