On a beautiful April morning the sent of lilacs filled the air with hints of Spring.

The rays from the morning sun warmed my face

The silence of dawn was broken only by the sweet sounds of song birds.

Oh, how I love Spring! The onset of each new Spring excites and rejuvenates the part of my soul that hibernates through the bleak chill of winter.

The day was warm, yet traces of a late winter's snow were sparsely scattered beneath the trees that surrounded our charming country home.

Squinting through the sun light I see the vibrant coloring of an Oriole perched just outside my bed room window. What a splendid view!

My thoughts drifted back to a time I had awaken to see a curious doe peering at me through my bedroom window.

Starvation and an exceptionally long and frigid winter forced the plighted doe out from the safety of her baron environment to the shrubbery that grew in our yard.

I turned away from the window pulling the covers close to my face and looked around the room I knew so well as a child. Home, yes, I was home.