By:Gloria Dianne

When the one who held a special place
Deep within your heart,
Feels more like a stranger there,
You've grown so far apart. . .It's over.

When the voice tht once brought comfort
Now only brings you pain,
And all those special Feelings,
Will never feel the same. . . It's over

Words that were once supportive,
Now only criticize.
And eyes that once reflected love,
Now only reflect lies.

The lines of communication,
Have all but disappeared.
Words are spoken to each other,
Yet, no one seems to hear . . .It's over.

Loves most precious emotions
Have all grown numb with time,
And sharing and togetherness,
Have come to yours and mine.

When you can no longer trust
The one you trusted so,
Ther's no use in holding on,
You have to just let go.

Forgetting and sweet forgiveness
Each and every day,
May have kept love in our hearts,
There'd be no need to say . . .It's Over.