Lost and Found

By: Gloria Dianne

Lost a lighter, wallet, keys,
Lose my glasses Constantly!
Lost an umbrella and got wet,
Lost at bingo lost a bet.

Lost a pencil, sock and glove,
Lost at cards, lost at love.
Lost my voice, couldn't sing.
Lost a cuff link and ear ring.

Made a call, lost the dime
Get lost in thought all the time!
Lost a ring, a pen, and hat,
Lost the dog and the cat.

    Lost my appetite, lost some weight,
Lost track of time, made me late.
Lose my way from time to time
Once I thought I lost my mind!

Lost my innocence and virginity,
But never lost my dignity.

Whenever I lose something,
I search in every cranny and nook.
And it never fails that I find it
In the very last place I look!

The feelings I get when searching
Really couldn't get much worse.
It's then I swear that next time,
I'll look in the last place first!