By:Gloria Dianne

In their world of 'make pretend'
And happy ever after
Children seem to have a way
To fill each day with laughter.

  Have you ever made the time,
To watch a child play?
If you do and listen, too,
You just could hear them say:

"Make pretend that I'm a daddy,
And you're my 'growed up' wife.
Make pretend you love me,
And we have a happy life.

Make pretend that war's a word
That no one ever heard of.
And everyone is friendly,
With no one to be ascared of.

Make pretend that you 'got dead'
And I made you all well.
And all there is heaven
And no such place like Hell.

  Make pretend the starving children
Aren't hungry any more.
'Cause everyone shared everything,
Throughout the whole wide world!"

Peace on earth for everyone!
Only good will towards men!
Wouldn't it be just wonderful,
If they didn't have to 'make pretend?'