By: Gloria Dianne

Don't talk to strangers!
  Don't mumble! Don't shout!
Don't run with scissors,
  You'll poke your eye out!

Don't play with matches!
  Don't whimper! Don't whine!
Don't do that!
It could make you blind!

Don't pick on your sister!
  Don't tease the cat!
Don't play ball in the house!
  Don't talk back!

Don't put elbows on the table!
  Don't play on the stairs!
 Don't stay up too late!
Don't forget your prayers!

Don't ride with no hands!
  You'll break your arm!
Don't leave the door open!
Were you raised in a barn?

Don't play in the streets!
  Don't stay out after dark!
Don't walk on the grass!
Don't go alone to the park!

Don't play in the rain!
  Don't stay out in the sun!
Don't you look at me like that!
Don't you want to have fun?