Remember Me

By: Gloria Dianne
When I am called home
And this life is through,
There is only one thing
That I ask of you.

Don't remember me with
Sadness or tears,
Or by the unfortunate moments
Over my years.

It's all in the past,
And there it must stay.
I do not wish to be
Remembered that way.

Hold deep in your heart
My sweet memories,
Of all in this life
That was so dear to me.

Think of me only with
Love and laughter,
This is how I wish to be
Remembered hereafter:

By the sent of Lilacs
On a spring day,
Daises and buttercups
And roses in May.

Hot fudge sundaes with
Cherries 'n' cream,
The peaceful serenity
Of a babbling stream.

A butterfly perched
On a soft yellow rose
My children, my family,
And sad movie shows.

Angels and friends.
Who to me are the same.
A grandchild's kiss,
A colling soft rain..

The beauty of sunrise
That warms a new day.
The sweet charming sounds
A music box plays.
White billowy clouds
On a mystical sky,
These are the things
You can remember me by.