By: Gloria Dianne

"Hey Mom, your hair is turning gray!
How did it get that way?"
Oh, I've earned each and every one,
This is how I did it son:

One day your jumped from a 12 foot slide
Trying to see if you could fly.
And fly you did! This I swear
Is the day I got my first gray hair!

The day you played hooky caused quite a fright.
I'm surprised I'm not completely white!
When that cop escorted you from the store,
I know I got a hundred more!

I get one each time you're up at bat,
More when you tried to spin dry out cat!
I lost count that past mother's day
You broke your arm while at play

And that football game when you were down
With paramedics all around!
There is one for every time you are on a date
And stroll on in hours late!

And the day I taught you how to drive
Well, I'm just glad I'm still alive!
Now all that silver amongst the gold
Doesn't mean I'm growing old.

My love for you caused each gray hair
Living proof of how much I care.
So, you don't think my story's true?
Oh, you will when your kid says to you...

"Hey Dad, your hair is turning gray!
How did it ever get that way?"

"Hey Mom, I think this poem is great,
Except for the part about me being late
Could you just skip the parts about the cat,
The slide, the store, and my ups at bat?
Drop the part about the car and arm
And forget about the false alarm!"

  Never heard about that one son!
Whoops! Here comes another one!"