By: Gloria Dianne

Before you, my life was empty,
I was sad and all alone.
My life had no direction,
All my hopes were gone.

Then you came into my life,
My loneliness was at an end.
My knight in shinning armor,
My lover, my best friend.

You put me on a pedestal,
I was living in a dream!
You treated me like royalty,
To you, I was your Queen!

Our days were filled with joy,
With love and happiness.
Then suddenly you just left me,
With nothing but loneliness.

You took away my confidence,
Life was empty once again.
You took away my self esteem,
My lover and best friend.

I wondered why you became
So disenchanted with me.
Who am I? Now that you are gone.
I've lost my identify.

But, time is a great healer,
The bitter pain is gone.
I thought you made me who I was,
But I see now that I was wrong.

I've always been a special someone,
And as long as I am alive,
I will remain strong and free,
And I know, I will survive!

I'll remember the times we shared,
And cherish each memory.
Who am I? Now that you're gone.
I'm strong!
I'm confident!
I'm ME!