By: Gloria Dianne

When I was just fifteen,
I met a special boy.
He was truly into romance,
Like a child with a new toy

He told me I made Mona Lisa
Look like Raggedy Ann
He'd sing me 'Mathis' love songs,
And gently kiss my hand.

He was too romantic!
In love with love I'd say.
Too young to enjoy his charms,
I sent him on his way.

I didn't mean to hurt him,
But when I read his note,
It was clear I broke his heart,
For this is what he wrote.

"Are you angry with me darling?
Are you sorry that we met?
Have you learned to love another?
Has he taught you to forget?

Many hearts may learn to love you.
Many lips may cling to thine.
But no heart will ever love you,
Like this broken heart of mine."

Many years have passed since then,
And love has passed us by.
But if we should ever meet again,
I would give him this reply:

I was never angry with you darlin',
I am grateful that we met.
Yes, I have loved another,
But you, I could never forget!

Today I would appreciate
The you I used to know.
But, I was too young to fall in love,
And you were too young to know!