My Grandson's Apartment Door

My visits to see my grandson
Was always a special day.
We were sure to have a good time
In all the games weíd play.

But my favorite part of the day
Was not what you would guess.
It was standing on the out side
Of his door that I liked best.

You see, I could hear his little voice
As I climbed up to his door.
Heíd start to squeel that I am here,
And run happily across the floor.

Heíd call for mommy to hurry up,
He canít wait to get his kiss.
But I am hoping she takes her time,
Because I am truly loving this.

It is funny what turns out
To be our favorite memories.
Some how it is never what
You would expect them to be.

Once my mother told me
Hers came on a special day,
When we had come to visit her,
But she happened to be away.

Her heart was greeted by a note
Left by my then, young son.
ďGrandmaís house just isnít Grandmaís
house, when Grandma isnít home.Ē

So, think about the moments
That you have cherished best,
And Iíll bet itís not the trips or gifts,
That you will most caress.

Itís the things that touched your heart,
That you will remember more.
Like, standing on the outside of
My grandsonís apartment door.

By, Barbara Marsh

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