Pen and Paper in the Shower

If I had pen and paper in the shower,
Iíd be rich beyond belief.
For thatís when inspiration comes to me,
But the visit is much too brief.

I know I have composed a song,
That was sure to be a hit.
But when I went to write it down,
Dang, if I could remember it.

Oh, the wondrous inventions
That are never to be made.
ĎCause when Iím toweled and dried,
The ideas have started to fade.

It is the rhythm of the water
That makes it easier for me to think.
I have even thought of making
A desk out of the bathroom sink!

So, when anyone asks me why
I donít have money, fame and power,
I simply tell them, Itís because,
Thereís no pen and paper in the shower!

Even this poem came to me there,
and I wrote it down still wet.
And I think I was going to invent something,
but I'm dry now and forget!

by, Barbara Marsh

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