To the surgical Staff of Ridgewood Hospital

Many a man passes your way,
As you go about your job each day.

But, I remember the day you held in your hand,
The heart, of one very special man.

He may not be famous, and only known by a few.
But is loved and admired by those that do.

His heart may have looked worn and old,
But his family knows how it is made of gold.

His only concern, as he prepared for the day,
Was the comfort of his family whom planed to stay.

As I kissed him good bye, he whispered to me,
"Remember, what ever happens, was meant to be.

What was to be, was a heart good as new,
Thanks to the gifts that God gave to you.

Thank you so much for the great care he had,
And giving us more precious time with our dad..

by, Barbara Marsh

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