By Barbara Marsh

There was no shovel to be found
When the snow was falling to the ground.

The sales man acted like I should know,
"You had to buy that two months ago!"

But two months ago I was kicking leaves around,
Because then, there was no rake to be found.

"In the spring," he said, "is when to buy your rake,"
But I am a procrastinator, for goodness sake!

I canít buy a sweater when the sun is burning hot,
Or try on a bathing suit when the sun is not.

All procrastinators, we need to unite,
And come up with a store that gets it right.

The first thing it needs is extended hours,
With cards and gifts, and lots of flowers.

Weíll have a post office that will predate,
So our bills wonít look like we mailed them late.

Letís see, what else should we have in our store?
Clothes in all sizes, that shovel and more.

Ice skates in winter, rain coats in spring,
Sandals in August... Weíll have everything!

We will run it ourselves, this just canít wait!

...Meeting to be posted at another date.

/ /

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